When I started college as an architecture major, I never envisioned I would instead graduate with a degree in journalism, and end up with a career in photography. But those years studying journalism showed me that my heart was created to write and I have always hoped to bring inspiration and healing through my writing. I have poured my heart into a manuscript written over 5 years documenting my faith journey to keep hope alive through infertility struggles. It’s a book I began writing when I couldn’t find another book to help heal my broken heart, and more importantly, my broken faith. I am currently putting the finishing touches on it, and sharing about it here ahead of time to keep me accountable to actually publish it.  A vulnerable story to tell, and in all truth, most days, my fear overrides my faith in trying to move forward to publish it. I’m still trying to gain the courage to turn it from a file on my desktop to a published book out in the open for others to read the intimate details of my emotional journey to motherhood, and all the messy ugly cries in between. If you would like to be the first to know when it is available for purchase, please sign up on my newsletter list here.