I saved my favorite room for last in our farmhouse tour, and that is my daughter’s nursery.

Oh the long awaited nursery.

This nursery was prayed for for so many years through so many tears.  In previous homes, I would literally sit in a ball curled up on the floor of the chosen empty room that I was believing God would one day turn into a nursery, and just cry out to Him to make me a mother.  I remember sobbing such an ugly cry on various occasions because I never knew I could miss someone so much who I had never met. Through all our many moves over the years, we always had “that” room that would sit empty because He gave me a promise that it would one day be “her” room, and I was holding Him accountable to His promise.

So now, as I rock her each night in my arms, I look around this nursery giving so much thanks that He has fulfilled my heart’s desire as a mother, and made all my pink dreams come true with this nursery.

Welcome inside Bara Faith’s little world!

Chair from BuyBuyBaby. Nightstand from Hobby Lobby. Pillow from Target.

This door hanger below was something I used to have hanging on my door as a little girl.

Crib from BabiesRUs.  Wall color is Charming Pink from Sherwin Williams.

Crib bedding custom designed from New Arrivals Inc.

Tassels from Blush Bazaar.

Hot pink drapes custom made by Vickie Moorehead.

This sign that hangs above the rocker was one I bought in faith many years ago from Hobby Lobby.

My amazing Lifegroup girls created this darling custom sign for my sweet girl.  I don’t know what I would have done without my prayer warriors standing by my side.

These roses.  Oh these roses.  The Mother’s Day before we decided to adopt, Stephen said he had a dream and in the dream, he saw Bara Faith and she told him to give me roses for Mother’s Day to let me know she was coming to us soon.  So he did.  And I cried.  And I saved them to hang in her nursery one day as a constant reminder of dreams come true.

This armoire y’all is one of my favorite things in the nursery.  It was part of a Disney Princess collection from RoomsToGo.

The day we found out she was a girl and that God kept His promise that He would create a baby girl for me.

A girl’s hairbow and shoe heaven.  Bara Faith’s latest activity she loves is standing at her armoire rearranging her shoes.  It’s the cutest thing ever.

I often joke, the bigger the bow, the closer to God.  For this girl it’s true.

Do they make these in adult size?

A collection of other things I collected over the years.  On the far right, the charcoal drawing was a beautiful gift a friend hand drew with a bible verse around a photo of the first time I held my daughter.  Thank you Kristen Wheeler for your beautiful artistry and love.

This was the dress Bara Faith wore when we dedicated her to God 22 years later to the day of when I was baptized in the same church.  A day that the church chose both times, not us.  Only God could orchestrate that, I tell you what.

Changing table/dresser from Ashley Furniture.

This chandelier was an antique piece that was left with the house.  It was previously in another room, but I loved the vintage feel of it, and thought it would be the perfect mobile over her crib.  haha!

Another handmade beautiful gift from another beautiful prayer warrior.  Thank you Jamie Koluch for the love you poured into this.  How much I treasure this bible verse.

I did lots of shopping in faith over the years.  When God told me He would create a baby girl for me, I took it serious and stocked up on all the tutus I could find throughout my 5 year wait.  (And I course died when I discovered shiplap waiting for me in the closet.)

Another treasure from one of my old rooms as a little girl.

Another beautiful gift from a beautiful friend.  I thought this bible verse was appropriate in the closet that I shopped in faith for many years.  I’ve seen this at Hobby Lobby.

From a little boy’s dream to a little girl’s one, what a transformation this girly room has become from what it once was with the previous owners.  Here is the BEFORE photo.

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