A Letter To My Daughter On Her 1st Birthday.

My Dearest Bara Faith,

One year ago today you surprised us with an early entrance into this world, and from day 1, you’ve shown me a fighting strength through your tiny 5 pounds 7 ounces that though she may be little, she is fierce.

As we celebrate your first year of life, we are so grateful that your story begins with choosing life.  From the moment God created your life, He has loved you and He has set you apart so that you can fulfill His beautiful plans to be a world changer.  In just one year your life story has already touched so many lives and made so many people cry tears of joy alongside us, and we are so grateful for the circle of love of people all over the world who celebrated with us your arrival into this world. Through their generosity helping us to fund your adoption, through home made gifts, through meals brought over, through breast milk donated by so many loving mommas, I am humbled by the amount of people who have loved you so fiercely through their acts of kindness.

You are everything I never knew I always wanted.  Though you and I share differences, such as different blood, and how you so very vocal while I am so very quiet, I love that we can come together to learn from each other on this journey and allow our different gifts to complement each other’s strengths.  And strength girl, you have that.  You have such a determination and drive that shows me it will carry you far in life.  You are going to be a leader not a follower, I just see it.  When you pull yourself up to stand up, your proud smile radiates from your soul and shows me that you will never let anything stand in the way of accomplishing your dreams.

Sometimes you make an expression that reminds me of your beautiful birthmom, and though I wish it was reflecting my own expression, in those moments I’m reminded of how grateful I am that our Heavenly Father brought an angel into our lives to help heal my broken heart and allow me the honor of becoming a mother. Through tears in my eyes, I will always be grateful for not one, but two of that angel’s heartbeats who she has trusted me with to raise as my own, and both whom I have vowed to love with all my heart.

Bara Faith, you will always be my promised child.  Your life story will always be a reflection of how our God loves to surprise us beyond our wildest imaginations.  And just when all hope feels lost, just when we think He has forgotten us, just when we can’t imagine to wait any longer for our heart’s desires, your life reminds us all that He isn’t finished yet. Jesus always has one more move.  And then sometimes another, as your younger brother’s life forming in the womb right now has shown us all.  What a good good Father we serve. That is the foundation of what your life stands for.  Carry that with you deep inside the core of your confidence as you grow older, because it’s a strength that will never let you down and it will carry you through the challenges you encounter.

A year ago today, I poured tears down my face the first time I saw you because I just couldn’t believe you were here after all these years of waiting.  And now your giggles and smiles brings me so many tears of joy.  As hard as the wait was, you were absolutely worth every second of the wait.

Never forget you are so deeply loved.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!  This is just the beginning….



A special thank you to Meredith Black for this joy filled Mommy & Me session.  I am no longer taking on new photo shoots myself anymore as I prepare to welcome on Bara Faith’s baby brother soon, but I highly recommend you using Meredith Black for all your Jacksonville area family portraits.

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4 thoughts on “A Letter To My Daughter On Her 1st Birthday.

  1. Absolutely stunning!! I have tears streaming down my face reading this post. I’ve prayed with you along this journey, and to see the work of God along the way and to today is such an incredible testimony to His love!

    Words cannot express how happy I am for you friend!! All the love from the bottom of my heart!!

    Happy Birthday sweet Bara Faith!!

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