So I have to admit, as much as I loved this farmhouse when we were looking at it originally, we almost didn’t buy it because of the Master Bedroom.  First, it was much smaller than any of the Master Bedrooms we had had before, and there wasn’t a wall long enough for our oversized bed and nightstands.  So I knew I had to either get creative to make it work, or pass on this house.

After much Pinterest brainstorming, I figured out a solution.

The only wall that could work had French Doors to the left of the wall that led to a side yard of the house. I knew we would never really ever enter or exit from those French Doors, so I decided to cover them up with draping, to then extend the wall even longer.  I’m not gonna lie, I once saw Paris Hilton did this in her glam bedroom, where she put drapes behind the bed, and I remember thinking back then how it added a cool dimension to the space, and kept the idea tucked away for future decor possibilities.  So my solution to make our bedroom furniture work in this space, and trick the eye to appear bigger than it was?  Make a drape wall.

And add chandeliers.  Anyone who knows me, knows I must sleep under a chandelier.

One thing I did love about this space is it had a step down bonus side room.  So I turned that into my “War Room” prayer room. And yes, I must pray under chandeliers too. ha! But what you don’t see in the photo of that space is the side wall that has all my words of truth from His word written out, who I’m praying for, prayer requests, answered prayers, and so much more.  Though my girl keeps me busy as a mom, I love knowing I have this space in our home to turn to when I really need my time with the Lord to reconnect.

While most of our walls throughout the house are white, for this space and our bathroom, I chose Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.  I wanted a nice soothing tone that felt like we were at a spa, and I kept seeing Seal Salt every where. Though I’m normally a pink or black and white girl, I just adore this color to and felt it blended well with the black and white.

Here’s a tour of our Master Bedroom!

Pillows from Pier 1, HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby.  Bed from Fabulous & Baroque.

Believe it or not, this chandelier was from Lowes.  Every now and then they have some great lighting pieces for a great budget friendly price.

Rug from Hobby Lobby.  Bedding from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Custom drapes from Vickie Moorehead.

Mirrored nightstands from Pier1. Lamps from HomeGoods.

I’m really obsessed with the Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint color!

Benches from HomeGoods.

Our closet door had old round knobs.  So I replaced them with these one sided door knobs and I loved how they looked vintage.  All the brass doorknobs throughout our home got replaced with these black swirly ones.

Reading chair from Ashley Furniture.  And the mirror, believe it or not, I found for really cheap at a Habitat For Humanity Restore center I randomly visited one time looking for something else but walked out with that great find.

And of course Rhett has a dog bed in pretty much every room of our home.

Last but not least, the BEFORE photos of what this space looked like when we bought it.

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