In our farmhouse dining room, I use the space to pay homage to the history behind the home.  In the attic I found an old survey of the land of Jacksonville from 1931, and the original blueprints of the house from 1951 before the newest addition of the bigger kitchen and family room was added a few decades later. As a previous architecture major once in college, I found all this so fascinating and framed those original prints to give them a showcase.

Also hanging in our dining room is my favorite and oldest chandelier that has been with me since our first home.  It has been in many different rooms through our many different homes, like in our formal living, our master bedroom, and now in our dining room. I pretty much have a chandelier in every room of our house, but this chandelier has always been my favorite.

Lastly, displaying in the room, on the day we closed on the house, I took a panoramic photo of our house hanging under the spanish moss oak trees. I created a piece of artwork canvas to hang in the dining room because I always wanted to remember how much I loved the house on that day that it became ours.

I found this cute FARMHOUSE sign on Etsy, of course.

I love the detail of the arch that opens up the dining room.

In our last home, we didn’t have a fireplace.  So I found this then oak-colored mantel on Craigslist, and painted it white. Though we have a fireplace in our formal living room, I still wanted to use this mantel because it was so beautiful, so I put it in here with the mirror and candles to create that faux fireplace feel.

Our dining room set is from American Signature.

I loved this quote sign I found on Etsy, because it expresses my affection for this home.  I found out later it is apparently a Lord of the Rings quote, which I have never seen.  ha!

And as always, the BEFORE of what our dining room used to look like before we moved in.

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