Sarah & Parker are the perfect example that love at first sight does exist, even as a kid! This gorgeous couple has been dating since they were 12 years old, which started one day on a trampoline. Blushing and giggling in a way only little girls do, Sarah’s friend, Bailey, paused and said to her “Sarah, you need to meet my brother…” Sarah just smiled, “Really?…okay.” Then back to goofing around they went, truly thinking nothing of it. The day finally came that Sarah met Parker. “I was as giddy as a girl could get,” Sarah said. “Butterflies filled my stomach as my outgoing self quickly became shy. A short time later, Parker asked if I would be his girlfriend. After running to the side of the trampoline where I was jumping, he got his answer as I flipped and blew a bubble in his face, YES!”

Over the years as they have grown up, distance couldn’t even keep them apart the times they lived in different states and tried to date other people. “Going in and out of different relationships, Parker was all I could ever think about,” Sarah said. “Despite my efforts, no matter how hard I tried, I became aware that my heart has always & will always belong to Parker.”

Now they are grown up and are getting married, which started with Parker dropping to his knee on a Charleston beach. When they arrived at the beach spot, shells were laid out in the shape of a heart as he asked the big question. “In my favorite city, at my favorite place, my favorite man asked me to be his wife,” Sarah said.

And when asked what Parker loves most about Sarah, he replied, “I love how kind and how fierce she can be. She’s a giver and a lover. She’s the most beautiful girl in this world. She makes me laugh and she can make me cry. I love everything about her.” And Sarah loves about Parker that “he teaches me so much and makes me want to be the best me that I can be, and I love him for that.”

For their engagement session, we traveled to Savannah and Beaufort to document their session at some pretty incredible and unique locations, Wormsloe Plantation and the Sheldon Church Ruins. I truly felt like I was documenting a fairy tale love story, and I just know these two are absolutely going to live happily ever after!

Here’s some of the favorites from their engagement session!

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