In the spirit of getting excited for the new Gilmore Girls episodes about to launch on Netflix at the end of this month (who else is waiting on pins and needles?), I couldn’t resist using the title of this blog entry to kick off a fun event for my new oil business with Young Living! Because, honestly, that’s how I felt about essential oils for a long time, every time I saw someone new talk about them on Facebook. Like, oy, enough already!

A few years back, my hubby and I got introduced to essential oils through some fellow photographer friends and while it seemed great for them, I just remained skeptical.  I mean, how well could these oils in tiny little bottles really work… that great? To support our friends, we bought a few bottles, but I didn’t really think much more about them beyond that.

Then I became a mom… and all that changed.  A handful of friends mailed and dropped off samples, even my own mom did who has always been trying to get me into holistic practices over conventional medicine. So now as a mom wanting to find more natural remedies for my precious baby girl, I decided to give the oils a real shot this time around!

With a colicky baby, I was so sleep deprived and couldn’t wait for her to sleep through the night. As one who didn’t believe in the cry in out method, I was desperate to try anything else that might help promote better rest for her. Within the first few nights of rubbing lavender oil w/ coconut oil on Bara Faith’s feet, she began sleeping through the night at 16 weeks! With a raised eyebrow, I figured it was a fluke. But it was so beautiful how I started to see a really HAPPY baby now that she was sleeping more soundly.

The real kicker for me with the oils has been… with all my lack of sleep as a mom, I’ve really seen these oils help keep my body functioning as it should when normally I’m one that needs extra sleep or else my immune system breaks down. On extra long days when I have felt the most run down, I use Thieves oil and it has really helped keep my immune system in tip top shape! I also diffuse Lavender in our room at night and wake up so much more rested. Seeing how well it has worked for us, it has made me into a true believer that there is something to these oils!

So after trying out several different oil companies, my favorite is Young Living. I love it so much that I’ve now signed up to help others discover how these oils can help their family too! If you have any curiosities about wanting to try out this whole essential oils thing alongside me, check out this new part of my blog I’ve added to help you learn even more about why I love these oils so much!  And if you have further questions, please feel free to send me a message! I’m here to help! All I can say is, they completely turned this skeptic into a believer! Oy!

But now for something really FUN!  In the spirit of our Gilmore Girls reunion about to occur, I’ll be doing a fun Facebook event on November 20th from 8-9pm EST sharing what oils I think Lorelai and Rory and other Stars Hollow residents would be using today in their everyday life around that cute little town we all wish we could live in!  I’ll also be giving away some fun prizes to participants, so be sure to join my event by clicking here so you don’t miss out! So mark November 20th at 8pm it on your calendar! I look forward to chatting about all things Girlmore Girls with you!


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