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January 2014



The Fashion Junkie’s Guide to Getting Money for Old Clothes

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Do you ever take a look at your closet and wonder how much money you could be making on your unused items?  You know the general rule, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, it belongs in someone else’s closet. Today, guest blogger Gem Wilson shares below about a few different ways you can turn your closet into cash.

Being a fashion addict can be tough. While you have to deal with sizing issues, out of stock items, and that one more thing that you just have to have, you also have other problems. Eventually you’re going to run out of closet space and then you have to get rid of stuff. While you’re sure to find some stuff in your closet that you never wear, you might not know what to do with it. Sure you could give it to your best friend, or take it to a charity, but why give stuff away when you can sell it and buy more stuff? While you’re not going to get the original value for your shoes and clothes, you can make money selling old clothes. How? Let’s get started.

Going Through Your Closet  

The first step is to quite simply decide what it is you want to get rid of. At this point you want to be thorough without being overzealous. Do you sometimes wear that top? You might not want to get rid of it. Unless you want to go on a shopping spree to buy new stuff, you have to make sure that all of the stuff you love stays put. In addition, sometimes going through your closet results in finding cool stuff that you’d forgotten about. For that reason, try going through your stuff a week before you sell anything so that you can make sure you’re absolutely certain you want to get rid of things.

Decide How You Want to Sell  

There are a couple of basic ways to get cash for your clothes, but because the internet is definitely the fastest and most reliable, we’ll go with that. You can choose between selling your clothes to people and selling them to companies. Each option has its own pros and cons:

Selling to People  

If you sell clothes to people then you can utilize sites like eBay, Amazon and Tradesy to list and make sales online. There are even iPhone apps like Poshmark to sell items in your closet straight from your phone. In this case you have to take photos of each garment, write a description, create an individual listing for each garment, and then wait for it to sell. This can take days, weeks, and sometimes months depending on the value, style, and desirability of your items. You’ll also have to talk with people, ensure that you charge shipping fees, probably take measurements, and deal with the possibility that someone may try to steal from you or not pay. By making sure that you’ve carefully displayed each item, and by communicating with each seller, you can get more money for your garments by selling directly to people. It is important to keep in mind that most internet sites charge some sort of commission, and often a listing fee as well, so you will have to deduct this from your total profits. In addition, the lower you price your items, the faster they will sell, so unless you want things laying around for months waiting for the right buyer to come along, then you have to offer a lower price.

Selling to a Company  

There are also a couple of companies. like Twice, that offer direct cash for your clothes programs so that you can send your garments in for a check or payment. This is the fastest way to sell used clothes online because the majority of these companies simply accept your clothing and then offer you free shipping to their warehouse. Essentially, all you have to do is put the clothes in a box that has been shipped to you and then send it and wait for your money. The process typically takes less than a week, so you get your cash fast. However, while this is a quick and painless way to make a sale, it does offer you less money per garment.

This video below for Twice explains how easy it is to box up your clothes you no longer wear and get cash for it easily!

Choosing Between the Two  

If you want to sell your old clothes online then you have to choose between using websites like eBay or others. Usually a good way to make the decision is to check how much you would get for your wardrobe on each type of site, and then make final profit comparisons. For example, if you list on eBay then you have to take the time spent taking photos and listing, the time spent communicating with people, and the money for individual boxes and envelopes for postage into account. For example, if you can get $5 for a dress without having to worry about anything, but only $12 for it after waiting for a month, dealing with people, and spending the time to take pictures and write a description, then you might eventually make more profit with the first option. It mostly depends on how you value your time, and how patient you are.

As soon as you make your decision, all you have to do is make the transaction and figure out what to buy with your new money. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of closet space to fill up with the latest fashions.

About the author:  Fashion guru and clothes seller Gem Wilson knows that the best way to make money from selling your clothes is down to research and knowing your websites!


The sequin dress I’m holding up top and the cheetah top I’m wearing above are both from my online fashion boutique!  Get them in your closet today!


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