Scarlett-Lillian-Fashion-001I love any excuse to dress up whether it’s throwing on a skirt, or a dress, or both.  Today I mixed things up and turned a dress from my boutique into a top instead.  While this cute polka dot bow dress normally looks great cinching it in with a waist belt, I couldn’t help but think that it would make a great blouse too.  So for my outfit of the week, I tucked the dress into an A-line skirt, and threw a red belt on top of it to match my bright red lipstick and red bottoms.  While I’m usually not a neutral colored wearing girl, I do love how you can add a statement pop color through an accessory to jazz up wearing something neutral. The triangle necklace is also from my boutique and both the dress and the necklace are ON SALE for 30% OFF today only!  Get yours with the discount code: OOTW!

Scarlett-Lillian-Fashion-01Scarlett-Lillian-Fashion-02 Scarlett-Lillian-Fashion-03 Scarlett-Lillian-Fashion-04



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