Scarlett-Lillian-Boutique-1I’m such a girly girl at heart, and I love anything that allows me to embrace that.  When I first set eyes on this stunning delicate jacket, I immediately paused and said “Ohhhhhhh, now that’s lovely.”  When Coco Chanel said a girl should be 2 things, classy and fabulous, I thought to myself, “This is what Coco meant by classy.” Though this isn’t a Chanel piece, every detail of it feels luxurious with the intricate floral piping of the sleeves, to the pearl beaded collar, and the mesh skirt of the jacket that makes you feel like a ballerina wanting to twirl. And the satin tie bow adds the perfect feminine touch. Throw on some pearls and a pair of heels, and you are immediately transformed into a class act. And it’s not just pretty, it’s actually very warm too.  The day we shot these photos, the Nashville weather dropped from about 70 to in the 40s, and it kept me snuggly warm as Stephen and I walked the Southern streets of Franklin, TN for a dinner date. You can wear this jacket too by clicking here! Get 30% OFF on it for 12 hours with the discount code: FLORALJACKET

Scarlett-Lillian-Boutique-2 Scarlett-Lillian-Boutique-3
Scarlett-Lillian-Boutique-4SHOPPING LIST:

Jacket / Pearls / Jeans / Heels / Clutch


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